This is where I'll announce the most recent changes to the web site. 

I had a twelve yard warp on the jack loom and have woven  off a tallit and tallit and tefilin bags for my nephew in Israel, a tallit and bag for my nephew in England, and finished  several tallit bags for family friends, and an extra tallit for whoever. See pictures of these in the Sampler. They were very well received, including by my English nephew's teacher who carefully examined the tzitziot we had tied together.

The first project I  put onto my new used 10-harness, 48" wide Glimakra countermarche loom  was the bottom part of 6 m'hitza panels for my synagogue's bet hamidrash. Go to the Sampler for pictures.

I had a cold blue warp on a 4 harness table loom, threaded in a point twill which when treadled, comes out in an interesting waffle weave. I will use some of this warp for another tallit bag for a bar mitzva boy.

The summer of 2006 was stressful for me, and I decided to use weaving as therapy. For the first time, I wound a warp without prior planning , other than the sett and width of the piece. I threaded the 4 harness loom to a variety of twills, some undulating, some straight draw, some reversing, linked to the color changes in the warp. I am still weaving it , playing with the treadlings as I go. The whole piece is undesigned for self expression, with the underlying weave structure providing the framework  within which to explore. It is called the "War Warp". 

Meanwhile in Saunderstown, I have done a set of throws, and more recently, a shawl for a 75th birthday present. Going onto the 8-harness loom there now is a 8 1/2 yard warp in 8/2 cotton for a series of napkins and matching towels, all for the purpose of studying the effects of tie-up changes on weave structure. These latter will be used in my sailboat, each napkin different so that the users can identify their own.

Since my husband and I have gotten into more serious sailing, with thoughts to go cruising in a few years, I have begun to look for a folding 8-harness table loom which will fit on our new-to-us, used, 39 foot O'Day sailboat. We may be on the water for months at a time, sailing, at anchor, in a marina, and I want to keep weaving.  For now, we enjoy DROR, as she is known, and our 26 foot MacGregor, "Zemer Hayam", with our sailing club, North East Trailor Sailors.


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